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ASIL is pleased to make available a selection of audios from our events and educational series for streaming and downloading. More content will be added in the near future.

The Society's podcast International Law Behind the Headlines enlists today's top legal experts in tackling the international legal issues dominating today's headlines

  • International Law Behind the Headlines
  • With over a century of tradition and experience behind it, ASIL's Annual Meeting has become the most important gathering in the field of international law.

  • 2019 Annual Meeting Audio
  • 2018 Annual Meeting Audio
  • 2017 Annual Meeting Audio
  • 2016 Annual Meeting Audio
  • Featuring former senior U.S. officials from both Republican and Democratic administrations who were responsible for formulating policy and advising the Executive Branch on the United States' domestic and international obligations, this series focuses on the Trump Administration's international law policy and legal decisions.

  • Series Audio