Cultural Heritage and the Arts

The international law of cultural heritage and the arts has typically been concerned with artistic objects and cultural property, yet in a broader sense the law of cultural heritage also applies to intangible aspects of culture, or “living” cultural heritage, which involves the customs and practices of traditional and indigenous cultures.

Some of the focal points in this area of law include: the illicit trade in looted antiquities and stolen works of art; intergovernmental cooperation on interdiction; the arbitration of disputes over ownership of works of art; the preservation of historic and world heritage sites; the rights of indigenous and minority cultures relating to the preservation of their “living” heritage; the protection of cultural property in armed conflict; museum law; and underwater cultural heritage.

Our Interest Group brings together practitioners, government officials, museum officials, scholars, and students with an interest in the international law of cultural heritage and the arts. The group’s activities include publishing a newsletter, sponsoring panels and lectures on related topics, and promoting an exchange of ideas on this page.

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