2024 ASIL Annual Meeting

April 3 - 6, 2024


Program Ideas Sought

From April 3-6, 2024, the American Society of International Law will convene its 118th Annual Meeting. The ASIL Annual Meeting Committee (chaired by Julian Arato, Christina Beharry, and Hannah Garry) welcomes submission of ideas for sessions within the theme, "International Law in an Interdependent World."

To suggest an idea for the 2024 Annual Meeting, please use the following form. Deadline is 5pm ET, July 19, 2023. The full call is available here.


Submitter Information


Suggested Track



Please provide a description of the idea you think the Annual Meeting Committee should consider. (500 words max)

Submitters should not contact any potential speakers in advance, as the Society follows strict guidelines on speaker selection to ensure diversity across various dimensions. There is no guarantee that, if chosen, your proposed speakers will be approached. The Annual Meeting Committee has discretion over all modifications to the sessions.

Please provide a description of how the proposed idea would be presented at the upcoming Annual Meeting. We especially value submissions for debates, simulations, mock trials, and other non-traditional formats. Please also include descriptions of specific case-studies or questions you think might be addressed, and any relevant upcoming events that will make the session timely during the Annual Meeting.

Selection criteria:

The Annual Meeting Committee welcomes submissions addressing this year’s theme both within and across the many subfields of international law. Drawing on the submitted ideas, the Committee will create a program with the following goals in mind:

  • coverage of a breadth of timely topics of interest to ASIL members;
  • participation by individuals from a variety of backgrounds; and
  • a vibrant exchange of ideas through the use of innovative program formats.

The Committee will prioritize submissions that utilize formats other than traditional panels, such as interviews, question-and-answer roundtables, lectures, debates, poster sessions, or the use of multimedia or interactive audience participation features.

The Committee will also prioritize novel or cutting-edge topics in international law. In addition, the Committee is committed to expanding diversity in the issues and voices represented at the Annual Meeting.

Important note on how the ASIL Annual Meeting program is crafted:
The Annual Meeting Committee appreciates the work required to submit an idea for a substantive session, and it takes seriously the submitters’ views on areas of focus and format for the Annual Meeting. Nonetheless, given the number of submissions expected, the inevitable similarities between some proposals, and the goals and themes articulated above, not all session ideas can be accepted into the program as submitted. Please understand that the Committee reserves (and commonly must exercise) the right to accept but significantly modify session submissions, which may result in omitting proposed participants (including the author), adding new participants, combining multiple submissions, or modifying a session’s description, focus, or goals.

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