2024 ASIL Annual Meeting

April 3 - 6, 2024


ASIL will welcome these honorees and keynote speakers to the 2024 Annual Meeting

Dame Meg Taylor
(Grotius Lecturer)

Julian Aguon
(Grotius Discussant)

Katherine Tai
(Policy Keynote)

Rosemary Barkett
(Charles N. Brower Lecturer)

Karima Bennoune
(Prominent Woman in International Law Recipient)

José E. Alvarez
(Manley O. Hudson Medal Honoree)

Lucy Reed
(Manley O. Hudson Medal Discussant)

Roya Boroumand
(Goler T. Butcher Medal)

Ben Kioko
(Honorary Member)

April 3 - April 6, 2024
Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

From April 3-6, 2024, the American Society of International Law will convene its 118th Annual Meeting with the theme, "International Law in an Interdependent World."

There is more international law than ever today – more instruments and disciplines, more institutions, and more judicialization. Meanwhile, nations have become increasingly interdependent on account of global economic integration, technological and communicative connectivity, the need to manage cross-border and global resources, and concerns over collective security. Under one common story, these developments are related: international law tends to contribute to international integration and human interconnectedness, all of which should reduce the potential for conflict and lay the groundwork for greater human flourishing. Real world developments, however, seem to bely such a hopeful narrative. For all that our rules-based international order has achieved, the last decade has witnessed a resurgence in classical conflicts – from trade wars to open cross-border military aggression and great power conflict. Undeniable gains in prosperity and growth have been attended by rising inequality and disregard for human rights. Our interdependence has also generated its own novel problems, from insecurity in digital networks and cross-border infrastructure to financial contagion, pandemics, and climate crises. 

This Annual Meeting will interrogate the role of international law in such an interdependent world. Progressive, critical, and classical analyses have some purchase. Has international law actually contributed to human connectedness and flourishing and, if so, how? Can we still envision this pursuit while limiting social and political stratification within and among nations? How can international law respond to new challenges posed by greater integration, including the very weaponization of interdependence? This meeting will reevaluate and reimagine the purpose, place, and power of international law in response to these developments.

Substantive Tracks:

Track One: International Human Rights, Humanitarian Law, and Criminal Justice
Track Two: Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution
Track Three: International Trade, Investment, Finance, and Tax
Track Four: International Organizations, Global Governance, Global Health, and Technology
Track Five: Security, Foreign Relations, and Use of Force
Track Six: Environment, Sea, Space, and Sustainable Development

Attendees can expect to participate in:

  • Keynote addresses by leading figures in international law
  • Substantive panels on a wide variety of international law topics
  • Multiple networking and social events
  • Interest Group social events and substantive meetings
  • Access to the leading publishers of international law materials
  • Optional Continuing Legal Education credits
  • Optional luncheons


Julian Arato , University of Michigan School of Law
Christina Beharry , Foley Hoag
Hannah Garry , UCLA School of Law

Committee Members

Christiane Ahlborn, Trinity College Dublin School of Law
Olabisi Akinkugbe, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law
Dan Bodansky, Arizona State University
Fernando Bordin, University of Cambridge
Alicia Cate, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Trey Childress, Pepperdine University Caruso School of Law
Steve Crown, Microsoft
Patricia Cruz Trabanino, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
Federica D'Alessandra, Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
Ruzin Dagli, Withers
Jamil Dakwar, New York University and ACLU
Lisa Davis, CUNY Law School
Steven Dean, Boston University School of Law
Kabir Duggal, Arnold & Porter
Elizabeth Evenson, Human Rights Watch
Angelina Fisher, NYU School of Law
Ximena Elina Hinrichs, International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea
Chimène Keitner, UC Davis School of Law
Michael J.  Kelly, Creighton University School of Law
Melinda Kuritzky, U.S. Department of State
Joanna Langille, University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law
Lucas Lixinski, University of New South Wales, Sydney
Francesco Messineo, United Nations Office of Legal Affairs
Judge Georg Nolte, International Court of Justice [Honorary Member]
Jessica Peake, Promise Institute for Human Rights, UCLA School of Law
Jan Yves Remy, Shridath Ramphal Centre / University of the West Indies
Isabel San Martín, LALIVE
Matthias Schuster, United Nations
Charles Stotler, University of Mississippi
Jennifer Thornton, Business Roundtable
Nawi Ukabiala, Debevoise & Plimpton

Substantive Sessions


Rates Early Bird
(ends Jan. 29)
(ends Apr. 1)
ASIL Member $570 $680
Non-Member** $790 $900
GOV/IO/NGO Member $285 $415
GOV/IO/NGO Non-Member** $475 $610
Speaker - Member $330 $330
Speaker - Non-Member** $435 $435
AM Committee $330 $330
Student - Member $105 $105
Student - Non-Member** $130 $130

CLE Credit Processing

$110 $110

**Includes one-year ASIL membership.


Hudson Luncheon

$85 $85

WILIG Luncheon

$75 $75

The ILSA Jessup Competition Go-National Dress Ball (offsite)

$25 $50
All prices are in U.S. Dollars (USD)

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel on or before March 6, you may request a full refund, less a $25 processing fee, unless you wish to donate all or part of your refund. If you cancel after March 6 and on or before March 28, you may request a 50% refund, less a $25 processing fee, unless you wish to donate all or part of your refund. No refunds will be available for cancellations made after March 28, unless you notify us that:

(a) You are unable to obtain a visa for entry into the United States; or
(b) You are prevented from attending the Annual Meeting due to Covid-related restrictions, such as travel or quarantine requirements.

All cancellation and refund requests should be directed to ASIL Services at services@asil.org.

Online reservations for the room block at the Washington Hilton are open. Please use the following link to receive the ASIL discount:

Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20009

If you prefer to call for reservations, you may do so at 1-800-HILTONS and quote the code: 92Z

You may book, modify, or cancel hotel reservations at any time through the registration link above. Discounted room rate cutoff is March 20th.

It all happens at the ASIL Annual Meeting

Every year, the ASIL Annual Meeting brings together prominent figures in international law and international relations in Washington, DC. Spanning over a century, this tradition offers a unique platform for industry leaders from law firms, academic institutions, publishers, corporations, government, and nonprofits to connect with their audiences and showcase their influence.

The 2024 Annual Meeting delves into profound inquiries surrounding the effectiveness, relevance, and capacity of international law to address the complexities of our changing world, encompassing issues such as trade conflicts, global pandemics, escalating climate change, and the Ukraine invasion. These challenges have prompted some to question the role and worth of international law in addressing contemporary crises.

For full details on 2024 sponsorship opportunities, please review the ASIL Annual Meeting Sponsorship Prospectus (PDF). To reserve sponsorships, please contact Development Director Jack Karako at jkarako@asil.org or 202-939-6003.

Downloadable PDF Version

The 2024 Annual Meeting is being held fully in-person. Registration is available online only. There will be no onsite registration. These FAQs will be updated as needed.

A1: What is included in the registration fee?
The registration fee includes in-person access to:
- All plenaries, keynotes, and other substantive sessions (The complete list of all sessions is posted at www.asil.org/am.)
- ASIL interest group meetings and social events
- Receptions
- The Exhibit Hall
- Professional development sessions

A2: Are hotel charges included in the registration fee?
Hotel charges are not included in the registration fee. But ASIL does have an exclusive discount with the hotel. Registrants may reserve rooms at the Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20009) through the Annual Meeting portal at www.asil.org.am. A guaranteed rate is available until March 20, 2024, at $309.00 per night. You can reserve online through the link on the website, or by calling with the discount code (also listed on our website).

A3: Are meals included in the registration fee?
Meals are not included in the registration fee. You may add the Hudson Medal and WILIG Luncheons to your registration for an additional fee. There will also be hors d’oeuvres available to all registrants at the evening receptions.

A4: Will Annual Meeting programs be available to in-person attendees for viewing after the meeting?
Select keynotes and plenaries will be recorded and posted on our website. But the majority of sessions will not be posted after the fact. The Annual Meeting Proceedings will be published within the year following the Meeting.

B1: How can I register?
Registration will be available online only, at www.asil.org/am.

B2: Can I register on-site?
No. There will be no on-site registration for the 2024 ASIL Annual Meeting. 

B3: What is the registration deadline?
Registration will close at 5:30 pm ET on April 1, 2024.

B4: Where can I pick up my badge?
You will receive your badge upon check-in in-person at the meeting. Your badge will be created using the name and affiliation information submitted through the online registration process. Check-in desks will be located in the Terrace Foyer next to the escalators and outside the entrance to the Columbia conference space.

B5: Is there an “early bird” discount?
Yes. Early bird registration is available until January 29, 2024. Any registrations received after that date will be at the regular conference rate.

B6: Is there a discounted rate for the Government, Non-governmental and International Organization attendees?
Yes. To receive the Government/NGO/IO rate, you must be (a) a full-time employee of a U.S. or foreign government agency (federal, state, local or tribal) (government-supported universities or colleges, government contractors, and government consultants do not qualify); (b) a full-time employee of a U.S. or foreign non-profit organization recognized by the United Nations; or (c) a full-time employee of an organization designated by the President of the United States by Executive Order as qualified for privileges, exemptions, and immunities under the International Organizations Immunities Act.

B7: I believe I am entitled to a complimentary registration through an ASIL partner institution. If so, how do I register?
Please contact the ASIL representative at your institution for instructions on how to take advantage of the complimentary registration. If you need assistance in identifying your ASIL representative, please contact partnership@asil.org


C1: What if I have to cancel my registration?
If you cancel on or before March 6, you may request a full refund, less a $25 processing fee, unless you wish to donate all or part of your refund. If you cancel after March 6 and on or before March 28, you may request a 50% refund, less a $25 processing fee, unless you wish to donate all or part of your refund. 
No refunds will be available for cancellations made after March 28, 2024, unless you notify us that:
(a) You are unable to obtain a visa for entry into the United States; or
(b) You are prevented from attending the Annual Meeting due to COVID-related restrictions, such as quarantine requirements.
All cancellation and refund requests should be directed to ASIL Services at services@asil.org

C2: Can I donate my refund to the Society?
Yes. Please notify ASIL Services at services@asil.org if you wish to make a tax-deductible donation to the Society in lieu of a refund.

C3: Should I obtain travel insurance?
This is an individual decision, but given the uncertainties related to global travel you may wish to consider this option.

D1: Will I need to wear a mask at the in-person meeting?
No, consistent with current District of Columbia masking guidelines, we will not require attendees to wear masks. However, attendees who are more comfortable wearing a mask are encouraged to do so.

D2: What if I test positive or am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 in advance of the Annual Meeting?
Please do not come to the Annual Meeting if you test positive or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. Please contact services@asil.org about a potential refund.

D3: What if I test positive or am experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 after I arrive at the Annual Meeting?
If at any point during the Annual Meeting you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or receive a positive test result, please leave the meeting or isolate in your room.

D4: What COVID-19 precautions has the hotel taken?
We are working closely with the hotel to ensure it is taking all precautions to ensure the safety and comfort of Annual Meeting attendees. All hotel staff directly engaged in supporting the Annual Meeting will be following ASIL guidelines for attendees. The Washington Hilton recently updated the hotel's air purification system. The new system utilizes MERV 13 filtration for all air handler units, as recommended by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) to help mitigate the transmission of infectious aerosols.

D5: Will the Annual Meeting be accessible?
The Society strives to ensure that the Annual Meeting is accessible to all attendees. If you need assistance to register or to participate in the 2023 Annual Meeting, please contact services@asil.org. The Washington Hilton is an ADA-compliant property and individuals staying at the hotel may request specific accommodations from the hotel staff.

All meeting levels of the 2023 Annual Meeting are wheelchair accessible and include direct elevator access. Every breakout room will have designated wheelchair spaces reserved directly off the main aisles with seating for support personnel as well.
If you need support to hear substantive sessions, please contact any member of the ASIL staff to request a hearing assistance device, which is supported by our on-site audio-visual company. If you are bringing your own hearing assistance device, please let us know in advance so we can ensure that our audio-visual services provider is prepared to support your equipment. The Society is unable to provide hearing assistance in spaces that do not have microphones for speakers, such as Interest Group business meetings.

If you have additional requests for accessibility assistance, please contact services@asil.org as soon as you make your plans to attend so that we may work with you in advance to support your participation at the 2023 Annual Meeting.

D6: Will there be Nursing Rooms?
Yes, there will be a nursing room available for those who need it onsite. To gain access, please ask the registration desk for a key card, which you will be able to keep for the duration of the Annual Meeting

D7: Will there be gender-neutral bathrooms?
Yes, one of the central bathrooms in the Annual Meeting space will be converted to a gender neutral bathroom.

E1: What are the expectations for attendee conduct at the Annual Meeting? 
The Annual Meeting of the American Society of International Law is a professional gathering of individuals interested in the study and practice of international law. As a global leader in advancing international law and justice, the Society is committed to ensuring its events promote a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community that recognizes the inherent dignity and equality of all people. 

The American Society of International Law prohibits discrimination, including discrimination based on age, citizenship, color, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, indigenous origin, marital status, nationality, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic or veteran status.

All attendees, including speakers, staff, exhibitors, and guests, are expected to conduct themselves with proper decorum and to respect the dignity of their fellow attendees. Disruptive or offensive behavior will not be permitted.
The Society does not tolerate discriminatory conduct or harassment in any form, whether verbal or non-verbal, in person or electronic, including derogatory or offensive language, intimidation, or unwanted physical contact. 

E2: What should I do if I see or experience discriminatory conduct or harassment? Allegations of misconduct should be reported to a member of the Society’s staff at the registration desk or via email at services@asil.org. The Society reserves the right to take any action it deems appropriate to address violations of these Guidelines, including by reporting the alleged misconduct to the individual’s home institution, filing a police report, and removal and debarment from the Annual Meeting.

F1: Is CLE credit available for meeting sessions?
Yes, a number of the substantive panels at the ASIL Annual Meeting will be accredited for CLE. Sessions that are approved for CLE credit will be designated as such in the final program and in the meeting app. ASIL will obtain accreditation for all of the CLE sessions from Pennsylvania, and Virginia. New York attorneys can gain automatic approval for CLE credits from the Annual Meeting through the Approved Jurisdictions policy. Attorneys from states recognizing out-of-state CLE credits in compliance with MCLE standards can obtain reciprocity for credits earned at the Meeting, but each attendee is responsible for obtaining their own certification through their state board. ASIL will not submit on behalf of the attendee. There is a flat $110 fee for CLE registration for the Annual Meeting. You must include the CLE option during your registration to obtain the necessary credentials for CLE tracking.

F2: How do I get CLE documentation?
This year, ASIL will use a “code word” tracking system for reporting CLE requirements. At the conclusion of each session, the moderator will announce the CLE “code word” for the session. Individuals wishing to obtain CLE for attending that session MUST independently keep track of the code words for each session they attend. At the end of each day, CLE registrants will receive an emailed form that asks for their code words for that day. Only individuals who complete this form during the Annual Meeting will be awarded CLE credit. Each CLE registrant will also be given a CLE number at check-in. This number will also be required in the form. Every session accredited for CLE will have volunteers stationed at the entrance and exits, should you have questions.

F3: Can ASIL still provide me with a Certificate of Attendance if I forgot to write down the code word?
No. State CLE reporting regulations prohibit ASIL from changing an attendance record after the event has ended, regardless of whether or not you can provide witnesses to your attendance.

F4: Can I receive partial credit?
Credit shall be awarded only for attendance at an entire session. No credit shall be awarded for attending a portion of a session. You must attend all of a single session to receive credit.

F5: What should I do if I believe my Certificate of Attendance shows an incorrect CLE credit or contains a typo?
Contact the ASIL via e-mail at cle@asil.org with the following:
1. Your contact information (name, phone, e-mail, and address)
2. The session title
3. What you believe to be incorrect (my name is misspelled, etc.)
Providing ASIL with this information will allow us to respond back to you quickly. Please remember that ASIL may not change any sign in/sign out times after the Meeting has ended.

F6: How do I get my CLE certificate of attendance form?
Following the Meeting, ASIL will process all of the attendee records that contain scan in and scan out times for CLE sessions. ASIL will email every individual with a complete CLE record and ask for certain information (state(s) licensed, attorney id numbers, etc.) to be provided in an online survey form. Individuals who respond to that survey will receive their CLE certificate of attendance. Individuals who fail to respond to that survey will NOT receive their CLE certificates.

F7: Does my state require me to take continuing legal education courses?
In the United States, the vast majority of states require lawyers to take mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) courses in order to practice law. Find out about your state's MCLE requirements on the American Bar Association website 

F8: Where can I find the CLE written course materials?
The CLE written course materials will be available to registrants in the Meeting app and on the website.

The Washington Hilton