Dispute Resolution

The Dispute Resolution Interest Group was established to explore issues of the avoidance and settlement of private economic disputes through agreed and efficient procedures, focusing specifically on international trade and investment, and on the increasing role of trade in services in the international economy. The Group provides an active forum for the exchange of fresh ideas and new theories on matters related to international dispute resolution.

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Group Officers

Simon Batifort
Eleanor Erney
Remy Gerbay
Ashley Belyea
Lucia Solano
Cindy Buys
Meg de Guzman
Kathy Roberts
Lindsey Schmidt
Shana Tabak
Tracy Roosevelt
Christie Edwards
Clara Brillembourg
Milena Sterio
Nienke Grossman
Tatiana Sainati (Ex Oficio)
Lucila Hemmingsen (Ex Oficio)

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Group Officers

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Matthew Gomez
Staff Liaison
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Remy Gerbay
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Simon Batifort