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While the plight of refugees and internally displaced persons touches on a number of fields of study, including Human Rights Law, Humanitarian Law, International Criminal Law, and the Law of International Organizations, few resources for interaction exist that have the capacity or legal focus to comprehensively cover all topics of relevance to the ever expanding, complex field of Refugee Law. To be sure, there are numerous NGOs dealing with refugee and IDP topics, there are IGO networks for exchanging information on, e.g., the various national guidelines for refugee status determination, and there are the usual scholarly points of contact. However, there seems to be no sufficiently diverse forum available on an international level for interaction between students and established academics, scholars and practitioners, NGOs and IGOs, and among members of those groups interested in the various aspects of Refugee Law. The International Refugee Law Interest Group aims at providing such a meeting place, highlighting urgent refugee issues and facilitating debate by employing the group’s ASIL online platform, sponsoring and organizing panels, conferences, and seminars, and contributing to the publication of scholarship pertaining to all matters of Refugee Law.

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On the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Protocol on Refugees, top refugee law expert Guy S Goodwin-Gill explains the significance of recognizing the...

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In the adjudication of asylum claims under international law, officials have a duty to state the reasons for their decisions. This is necessary in...