Minorities in International Law

The Minorities in International Law Interest Group (MILIG) was created to promote and enhance the careers of minorities in the field of international law. MILIG supports members of minorities who are already in the field in order to allow the development of their full potential for achievement and leadership, but also supports, encourages, and enhances opportunities for others who are interested in entering the field of international law. In addition, MILIG works to promote awareness of minorities in all areas of international law. MILIG sponsors panels and recommends speakers and experts on a variety of international law topics. Through the assistance of ASIL, the Interest Group provides information on developments, programs, opportunities, and publications of interest to members. The group's activities include career development programs, networking events, receptions, and seminars on careers in international law. The MILIG collaborates with similar groups, such as the Women in International Law Interest Group. Minorities will encompass minority racial and ethnic groups, sexual orientation and gender identity groups, people with disabilities, and others who are under-represented in the international legal field.

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