Empire (Star Wars) or Utopia (Star Trek)? The Predictive Power of History, Policy, and Pop Culture - Episode Three


Episode Three: AI & Androids

Episode 3 builds on the theme set during Episodes 1 and 2 that science fiction may guide legal practitioners and policy makers regarding developments in outer space considering the lack of documented State practice and resolved litigation in this domain.

How may the developing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact law and policy in outer space?


  • Michelle L.D. Hanlon, University of Mississippi School of Law Center for Air and Space Law
  • Thomas Harper, International Humanitarian Law, Office of the General Counsel, American Red Cross National Headquarters
  • David Kohnen, Captain Tracy Barrett Kittredge Scholar of War Studies and Maritime History at the US Naval War College
  • Samantha Shyam, Clara Barton International Humanitarian Law Fellow, American Red Cross National Headquarters
  • Tracy L. Reynolds (moderator), Co-Chair, ASIL Space Law Interest Group

This event is organized by ASIL's Space Law Interest Group.

Date and Location

Friday, January 26, 2024 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm