International Law Weekend 2024


The American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA) is pleased to invite panel proposals for International Law Weekend 2024 (ILW 2024)?the premier international law event of the fall season. ILW 2024 will take place October 24-26, 2024 in New York City.

The ILW Organizing Committee (Committee) invites panel proposals to be submitted online by April 15, 2024.

The unifying theme for ILW 2024 is Powerless law or law for the powerless?:

?International law faces an existential threat as history unfolds at unprecedented speed worldwide. Indeed, international law and international institutions at times appear incapable of protecting vulnerable persons against war, disease, hunger, exploitation, climate change, and other human and natural catastrophes. Some people?both individually and collectively?are openly eschewing legal values and frameworks in order to pursue results through other means, including dangerous and destabilizing ones. Is international law, in fact, powerless or does it remain a source of power that vulnerable persons can utilize to protect and advance their rights and interests? This year?s ILW is focused on engaged, interactive, and inclusive discussions about how international law can transcend perceptions and misperceptions of its powerlessness and fulfill its aspirations of balancing power through principles of justice, equality, and dignity.?

Date and Location

Thursday, October 24, 2024 - 5:00pm to Saturday, October 26, 2024 - 4:00pm
New York City
New York