Pakistan's Legal Framework to Manage the Risks of Extreme Climate Events & Disasters


The Foreign and Comparative Law Webinar Series of classes is designed to shed light on some of the foreign and comparative law issues currently being researched by the foreign law and international law experts at the Law Library of Congress.

This past summer, nearly one-third of Pakistan was flooded by extreme monsoon rains and melting glaciers that began in mid-June and have continued into September, where as of now it is being reported that nearly 1,400 people have died, 13000 injured, and more than a million people have been rendered homeless. This webinar will try to provide an overview of Pakistan?s legal & policy framework to deal with climate change issues and manage the risk of extreme climate events and disasters at the federal, provincial, and local level. It will focus on environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation measures, national disaster risk reduction and management, and climate change litigation. The webinar will also explore challenges to strengthening institutional capacity and governance to deal with climate change disasters.

Date and Location

Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm