Global Engagement Series - International Law, Peace, Security, and Democracy in Latin America

Global Engagement Series

Cosponsored by the Latin American Society of international Law

As the world comes to grips with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is timely to examine how matters of peace and security play out in other regions of the world. The panel will focus on the role of international law in the realm of peace, security, and democracy from a Latin American perspective. Topics within the broad theme will include the role of the International Criminal Court in Latin America; Latin American contributions to the law of peace; Colombia’s peace process; democratic backsliding and international law; and Chile’s constitutional process and international law. 


  • Alberto do Amaral, University de São Paulo Faculty of Law
  • Jorge Contesse, Rutgers Law School
  • Judge Silvia Fernádez de Gurmendi, International Criminal Court
  • Alexandra Huneeus (moderator), University of Wisconsin School of Law
  • Judge Julieta Lemaitre, Special Jurisdiction for the Peace, Colombia