International Humanitarian Law Principles in the Context of the Israel/Gaza Conflict: An Update

This panel examines the application of international humanitarian law (IHL) principles to the current conflict in Israel/Gaza. Expert panelists from academia and international NGOs will discuss a few core issues, including the classification of the conflict (whether it is an international or non-international armed conflict), obligations concerning the treatment of hostages or prisoners of war, requirements for protection of civilians (including evacuations and responsibilities to supply food and water), and other relevant issues relating to the application of humanitarian law principles. We aim to facilitate a calm and respectful consideration of different views on current heated debates. This panel serves as an update, since the event with the same speakers on October 27, 2023.


  • Omar Dajani, Global Center for Business and Development
  • Christian Jorgensen, American Red Cross
  • Shiri Krebs, Deakins University
  • Mary Ann McGrail (moderator), Law Office of M.A. McGrail
  • Ido Rosenzweig, Haifa University
  • Omar Shakir, Human Rights Watch
  • Loren Voss, Former DoD Senior Advisor, Civilian Harm Mitigation; USAF Reserves

This event is organized by the ASIL Lieber Society on the Law of Armed Conflict and is co-sponsored by the D.C. Bar International Law Community.