World Speaks Space Series: Latin America

Latin America has been a full participant in the past several decades of increased space activity and commercialization of space activities. The largest Latin American economies have adopted specific national space legislation and all countries of the region have telecommunications authorities that include satellite communications within their purview. Latin American countries actively engaged in discussions within the United Nations Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS) on issues such as long-terms sustainability and utilization of space resources. The satellite communications market has grown substantially, served by both out-of-region and in-region companies. This panel will discuss the current law, policy, and business environment in the space and satellite business sector in Latin America and what reforms and additional developments might prove beneficial to the region.


  • Carlos Bello, Partner, Bello, Gallardo, Bonequie Y Garcia (Mexico City)
  • Joao Paulo Campos, President, VISIONA (Brazil)
  • Jennifer Manner, Senior Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs, Echostar/Hughes
  • Ana-Cristina Galhego Rosa, Legal Counsel to the Brazilian Delegation at UN COPUOS
  • Maureen Williams, Senior Research Officer/Space Law at CONICET/UBA (National Scientific Council of Argentina) & Permanent Representative of the ILA (London) to COPUOS.


  • Matthew Schaefer, Co-Chair, ASIL Space Law Interest Group & Founding Co-Director – Space, Cyber and Telecom Law Program, University of Nebraska Law College