Signature Topics

In 2017, tthe Society’s Executive Council approved the creation of a “Signature Topics Initiative” designed to enhance collaboration and integration across the range of the Society's activities. The Executive Council approved two initial signature topics on issues of cross-cutting importance to the Society’s members and the field of international law. The first was “Atrocity Prevention: The Role of International Law and Justice”; and the second was “Beyond National Jurisdiction: Human Activities in the Oceans, Polar Regions, Cyberspace and Outer Space.” 

In 2020, the Council approved "International Law and Climate Change: We are All Climate Lawyers Now" as the third Signature Topic

Each topic is supervised by a steering committee, chaired by Ambassador Todd Buchwald and Professor Cymie Payne, respectively. These committees will work with the Society’s members and relevant Interest Groups, as well as external actors and interested parties to develop content, information, and programming related to the topics. Individuals interested in finding out more about either of these specific topics can contact the Society at

Applications are now open for proposals to be considered for the 2022-2024 Signature Topic.

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